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Greg Guymon

Partner & Chief Operating Officer

After completing undergraduate studies at Oklahoma City University and graduate studies at The University of Oklahoma, Greg Guymon managed a variety of behavioral health programs before making a career change to Elder care. Greg has managed and operated all facets of long-term care, which includes post-acute rehabilitation, assisted living, independent living, memory care, therapy, consulting and billing. Greg also owns and operates post-acute rehabilitation centers.

Greg served as the President of the Oklahoma Assisted Living Association (OKALA) and as the Vice-President for the Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers. Greg is active in public policy and legislation having been the President of OKALA when the Association passed landmark legislation allowing Elders to have a choice in their residence during end of life care.

James Lauderdale

Executive Director

I'm just a footloose kind of guy. Seriously, I grew up in Elmore City, located in Oklahoma, and graduated in 1980. Interestingly enough it was that year that footloose was born. Media outlets across the country descended upon Elmore City including People Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Wow! Small rural community meets world! As a young kid it created a special platform for me to launch my adult years from.

I have lived a colorful life engaging in different cultures through travel with missions at its core. After high school I attended Oklahoma Christian University where I received a BA Bible. In 1984 I continued my relationship with Oklahoma Christian by serving in different capacities in their student life programs. During this time, I sensed I needed more education and started studying for my Masters in Business Administration. I then completed my graduate education with a certification in Hospital Administration in 2014. My most recent assignment was with Oklahoma Christian where I served as Director of OC’s Senior Living Facility, Tealridge. The spirit of life fascinates me. I believe that life should be lived. So live it!

Cindy Dimit

Community Relations Director

The poet, Robert Browning, wrote, “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.” This quote embraces my philosophy of how I have lived the last two decades of my professional career. I say professional career lightly because how I spend my time is not a career as much as it is a passion. I enjoy the process of educating about senior options whether it be to seniors, themselves, and/or their families, referral sources, or the community at large. Transition and change can always be a difficult thing to do at any time, and even more so at this vulnerable time in life. Once the decision to make a change is made I have seen the benefits of senior living definitely outweighing the decision to just stay home. I invite you to come to see Teal Creek Senior Living – it will be a special environment to do things you have not done in a while, or quite possibly do something you have neve done. If I could rewrite my Browning quote – it might be better said this way – “Grow young along with your new friends! The best is yet to be!”


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