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What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living provides seniors who are not seriously ill the help they need to continue to live their lives to the fullest. It is a residential community with a staff of professional caregivers that lend assistance and encouragement with the daily tasks of life that have become difficult or impossible for seniors to do themselves, while also providing a home-like environment and daily activities which promote fun and engagement

What is Teal Creek’s Philosophy / Mission?

Our mission is “Through respect and encouragement we champion a higher quality of life for all seniors”. To hear more about how our purpose and mission come to life at Teal Creek, click here to see a short and informative video.

Why would I move to assisted living vs. staying at home?

Contemplating an assisted living transition rather than staying at home can be very puzzling. Many have found an assisted living environment allows for increased socialization, more opportunity for physical activity, a “worry free” living environment, and it can be comparatively less expensive.

What are Activities of Daily Living or ADL’s?

They are the everyday tasks we perform by ourselves to accomplish our routine needs. They include bathing, dressing and grooming, toileting, transferring and/or walking, continence, and eating.

How do I arrange a tour of Teal Creek?

Since you’re facing a very important decision we know you will have many important questions, and are seeking real answers. A tour of Teal Creek is the best way to get a true feeling of the community, family atmosphere and care we provide, what makes us unique, and ask questions along the way. Call us at 405-246-0222 to schedule your tour, which takes about an hour, or you may click here to submit a form electronically. We are here to help and look forward to spending as much time and attention as you need.

Do I need an appointment to visit Teal Creek?

While scheduling a tour is the best way to guarantee all your questions and interests will be met upon your first visit, if you’d like to spontaneously drop in for a chat or tour – we’re happy to accommodate this.

Are you independently owned, or part of a national chain?

We are independently owned and operated by local Oklahoma City senior care professionals. This allows us to be flexible and make decisions about how to make life most comfortable and fulfilling for our residents based upon what’s right for them.

What type of living accommodations are available?

We offer 5 different and spacious living floorplans for assisted living residents’ new homes and 3 for memory care. For a detailed look at each simply click here. You may also download and save the floorplans to your computer.

May I bring my own furniture? Does Teal Creek provide furniture?

Yes and yes. Teal Creek is a new home for our residents, and making it uniquely their own with furniture and decorations they have already is something we encourage. For residents who prefer having brand new furniture provided, this is a service we can provide, but comes at an additional cost. To view our floorplans click here.

Does Teal Creek help with move-in logistics?

Yes. We can help you or your loved one move into your new home.

Is there TV and internet service in each residence?

YES. Each suite is pre-wired for cable TV and phone, and is ready for our residents to simply plug in their TV and phone. There is a nominal monthly fee for this in-room TV and phone service, which includes unlimited FREE long distance calling. High speed wireless internet is also available throughout the facility, which is FREE for all residents and visiting guests.

Do you offer physical rehabilitation/therapy services?

To provide our residents with the widest and most beneficial range of physical activities, Teal Creek Assisted Living made the decision to do things much differently than other assisted living communities in the Oklahoma City area. Rather than contract with an outside company to provide physical therapy services to our residents, Teal Creek has a world-class therapy gym of its own that includes much of the same exercise and support equipment found in professional rehab facilities. We also have our own Director of Rehabilitation and therapy team that ensures each of our residents receive the personalized attention exercise plan they need or want.

What type of daily activities does Teal Creek provide residents?

Remaining active and engaged is very important, and we give a lot of thought to the types of activities our residents will appreciate and enjoy. In addition to the scheduled monthly calendar of events, which you can see by clicking here, we ask residents about what other special activities they would like to see added, and do our very best to accommodate these special interests. And while most residents prefer their activities be brought to them and enjoyed at Teal Creek, we do take an occasional field trip. For example, several residents recently visited the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

What medical personnel do you have?

Teal Creek maintains a staff which includes Certified Nurse Aides (CNA’s) and a Registered Nurse Consultant. We also have a Medical Director and maintain a physician on-call 24/7 in case of an emergency or other situation which prohibits a resident from seeing their own physician.

And because we believe the relationship between a caregiver and those in their care must be deep and trust-based, the nurses primarily responsible for resident care are all CMA certified (Certified Medication Aid) and are licensed/certified to administer a resident’s medication. So instead of a resident having different people for daily care and medications, the same people attend to each resident. This helps to build trust and familiarity quickly, which has benefits across many aspects of living at Teal Creek.

How do meals and nutrition work? What is the meal plan?

We serve 3 chef-prepared meals per day, 7 days a week, which is fully included in the base residential agreement. Meals are served restaurant-style in our comfortable dining room. Meals served also include meeting special dietary requirements an individual resident may have (an additional fee may apply). There are also daily snacks served, and our residents can always grab a quick bite at our snack bar. For residents who require meals served in their rooms, we can accommodate in-room dining as well.

What services do you provide?

In addition to the comfort and security of a new home in one of the three resident studios or suite floorplans, and the full 7-day meal and daily activity plan that is included, we have developed five daily care level plans to meet the different needs of our residents. These range from simple support for residents needing only a basic level of assistance and check-in, to a personalized plan for residents who require more daily care support. Call 405-246-0222 to discuss your needs and choices, or to see a complete list of care level options click here.

Does Teal Creek allow pets?

YES. We are a pet-friendly facility, and welcome our residents to bring along their furry family member. Some restrictions and conditions apply, so please ask when you take your tour, or call us for more information.

How does Teal Creek keep residents safe?

Teal Creek maintains around-the-clock professional staff, and there is a 24/7 electronic nurse call system installed throughout the facility as well as in each residential suite.

Is there a tornado shelter?

Yes. In fact we have 2 on-site indoor shelters.

Are children allowed to visit?

YES. We not only allow it – we welcome and encourage children to visit. In fact, Teal Creek believes that intergenerational interaction between grandchildren (or any young children for that matter) — and our residents plays an enormous role toward the mental and physical wellbeing of seniors of all ages. We encourage it, and plan monthly activities that invite this type of socialization.

May a resident have family and friends over to visit?

Yes, of course. For our residents, Teal Creek is their new home, and just as living at home there are no limitations placed on our residents in this way. Residents may have guests and visitors any time they care to.

Does Teal Creek provide transportation of any kind?

YES. We believe an assisted living environment should continue to provide a degree of freedom and mobility our residents have cherished their entire lives. Teal Creek Assisted Living provides scheduled transportation for doctor appointments and shopping, and other scheduled events with sufficient notice.

What does it cost to live at Teal Creek?

Whether healthcare or living space related each of our residents have unique wants and needs, so we have developed flexible and personalized options to make our residents – and their families – most comfortable. Resident housing options begin as low as $2075 per month, which includes a spacious studio with kitchenette, 3 delicious and nutritious meals a day 7 days per week, daily snacks, and a host of additional life enriching activities. Personalized care plans start at $550 per month.

A full list of standard amenities and care services may be viewed here.

Is there any financial assistance available?

Teal creek does not itself offer financial assistance. However, for residents with private insurance plans Teal Creek does accept payment from those insurers. We are also happy to provide general thoughts and ideas about financial avenues to pursue on your own towards offsetting Assisted Living expenses.