The Three C’s at Teal Creek

The Three C’s at Teal Creek

Every successful organization has a definable culture and set of core operating principals that drive how it does business, with a focus on how to provide the best-in-class customer service (“resident experience” in our case). Here at Teal Creek Assisted Living, here is one of the most important guiding lights for us:

Clear. Constant. Communication. What we call “The Three C’s”.So what do we mean by this?

There are many things that go on during a day at Teal Creek; the great things that our residents and their families experience first-hand, and the many things we do behind the scenes that make all that magic happen. We feel that communication, clearly and constantly done, is the most important behavior that each of us must carry with us and do to ensure our residents receive the best and most fulfilling care, support for their activities of daily living (ADLs) and rewarding living experience.

First, we LISTEN, which is where all effective communication really begins. We listen to our residents, their families, and to our staff members to understand what’s being said, to understand what is needed, and to understand what needs to be done next. Whether this involves a resident’s daily assisted living care routine, a change in health status (improvements or new issues to be addressed), or even a new and innovative idea for an activity or some other way to make life even more convenient, healthy and fun for our resident family.

With great listening and understanding as our foundation – we communicate clearly and constantly with everyone involved to make sure that next steps and action items are understood and done. Our priority is clear and constant communication with our residents and their families. It’s important that everyone knows how things are going at an individual level, that there are no surprises, and that resident needs and wants are being addressed.

Not everything we do to provide for our residents involves everyone behind the scenes to make things happen, but we go out of our way to communicate clearly and constantly to everyone across our talented staff so everyone knows what’s going on. We do this because we believe that everyone at Teal Creek Assisted Living is in it together, and all of us together contribute to and are responsible for providing the best daily living experience and support to our residents.

Since nothing ever stays the same for long, we communicate constantly. Things can change every day, or every hour in some cases. Keeping important topics and action items visible and discussed regularly, this ensures things get done, and get done correctly and to the benefit of our residents.

Clear. Constant. Communication. Three C’s that help make special the spirit of living at Teal Creek.

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