What Success Means for Teal Creek

What Success Means for Teal Creek

As with most things we try in life, it’s good to know what “success” means for the efforts we undertake. This holds true in our personal and professional lives, and helps keep us on track toward meeting the goals we set for ourselves. So, two years ago as Teal Creek Assisted Living set out to create the best and affordable privately owned and locally operated assisted living community in Oklahoma, we were guided by our own definition of what success for our efforts, and for those in our care would mean.

As senior care professionals, we understand that a happy and long life as a senior requires physical and psychological support, social engagement and life-enriching activities — and delivered in the many forms and iterations this support comes from. We also know that as a senior’s support needs increase with age many of these needs can, unfortunately, go unmet — and for uncomfortably long periods of time. This is largely due to unavoidable limitations and time constraints faced by close family members contributing to a senior’s care, or simple denial by the senior themselves.

Whatever the case, we know that much time can pass before a more favorable daily care and support arrangement is identified and put in place for our seniors needing assistance with the activities of daily living (ADL’s). It’s during this time of unmet needs that a sense of hopelessness, social withdrawal, and an overall decline of physical and mental health may occur with seniors.

Those facing this situation may often feel that the joy and fulfillment of an independent and socially-rich life is no longer possible. It’s this unfortunate condition, and our mission to change it, where we planted our flag of what success for Teal Creek would mean.

Teal Creek Assisted Living and our staff know we’re succeeding when our residents or a family member tells us “we didn’t know what we were missing” before they came to Teal Creek.

Whether from the enjoyment our enriching daily social activities provide, or the sense of community and support our residents have created together, or the personalized caring and daily support given by our care teams to each resident – the sense of replenishment and regaining a strong sense of independence and daily comfort and satisfaction is happening at Teal Creek. Family members are telling us they worry less and are smiling more knowing that their loved ones are living new lives with us.

We see and hear about new friendships being formed between residents, how new support systems are created, and overall see renewed glow and invigorated spirits from our residents. We’re very happy and proud that we are off to a great start and are committed to continuing to drive success even higher for our community members every day.

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